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A revolution in drug discovery & development

Drug development is a complex, time-consuming and resource intensive process that often fails to cross the finish line.

Computer assisted drug design (CADD) has long failed to live up to it's promise to streamline that process and deliver truly insightful information to help design better drugs. HTuO's physics-based technology addresses the root of the issue.

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Minimizing the error of simulations

For protein scale simulations, it is imperative that the error introduced by approximations in the underlying force field be as small as possible, which is the goal of HTuO’s development process: to get ever closer to accurate simulations with minimal error.

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The HTuO advantage

Introducing high accuracy into modeling gives us and our partners the ability to address the challenges of drug design head-on. A more detailed understanding of how molecules interact allows for data-driven predictions of the best possible drug design - ultimately leading to fewer drugs failing and more efficacious drugs.

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Recent News & Events

Aug 11, 2023

HTuO Biosciences has completed the MVP of AtomForge — a novel polarizable and reactive force field for molecular modelling with applications for drug optimization. We have released a new white paper reviewing the performance of AtomForge and how it is comparable, and in some cases outperforms, traditional force fields. Contact us at info@htuo.bio for a copy.

Jun 28, 2023

HTuO Biosciences’ poster has been selected for the COMP Sci-Mix poster session at the ACS Fall Meeting on August 14th, representing exceptional submissions accepted by the participating division. The poster will also be at the COMP division session at ACS on August 15th from 7-9 p.m.

May 19, 2023

HTuO Biosciences’ poster - AtomForge: A novel polarizable and reactive force field for commercial scale applications - has been accepted at the American Chemical Society Meeting, August 13 - 17, 2023.