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HTuO Biosciences is a deep tech company, working at the interface of chemistry and computer programming, to develop an advanced molecular simulation capable of accurately predicting the behaviour of molecules for the purpose of drug development.

Identifying Optimal Drug Candidates

Drug development is time consuming, resource intensive and fails 90% of the time.

A more predictive lead optimization process can lower the failure rate by improving effectiveness, lowering toxicity and increasing the absorption of drugs.

HTuO’s proprietary physics-based molecular modeling solution with a novel force field allows for a very accurate study of drug interactions.

HTuO will reduce the time and resources required to develop drugs by improving the lead optimization process.

It all starts with Physics

By starting with the physics of individual atoms, we have developed a brand new energy equation for molecular systems, which in turn allows us to derive a new and very accurate force field.

Applying a more accurate force field to molecular modelling systems will enable HTuO to more precisely predict how drugs interact with their targets.


Within the HTuO system the force field is polarizable. As atoms are added to each other to build out the molecule the charges are automatically calculated. Our force field adapts to its surroundings as it does in nature.

By correctly simulating the breaking of bonds the HTuO technology generates a reactive force field that has the potential to replicate pH at the binding sites. This is important when modeling water molecules and movement of protons at the binding site.

HTuO’s system inherently captures emergent properties such as hydrophobicity which allows for more accurate calculation of drug solubility.


Introducing high accuracy into modeling gives us and our partners the ability to address the challenges of drug design head-on. A more detailed understanding of how molecules interact allows for data-driven predictions of the best possible drug design - ultimately leading to fewer drugs failing and more efficacious drugs.

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Latest News

January 17th, 2023

We have just released our first white paper, which describes the development of our technology - “Proof of Concept of AtomForge: A Novel Polarizable and Reactive Force Field.” Please email us at if you want to read it.

November 4th, 2022

HTuO Biosciences will be presenting at Life Science BC’s Invest in the West, sponsored by Lumira Ventures. Find us in session 8, where our CEO, Dr. Anthony Fejes, will be presenting and participating in a live Q&A session hosted by LDV Partners.


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