Target Market


What are we working on?

HTuO Biosciences is building next-generation deep technology tools for understanding molecular scale interactions. The proprietary physics based molecular modeling solution allows for very accurate study of drug interactions. Our long-term vision is to unlock currently undruggable targets in order to address unmet medical needs. To do so, we believe that a new approach is needed.

Why are we focused on drug optimization?

The process of developing drugs is slow and expensive. Despite advances in genomics, chemistry, biology and computers, one major field has not kept pace in drug discovery: the physics-based simulation of molecules.

Computers have become 200,000x faster since molecular modeling was invented, yet the industry and the researchers are still using the same equations to explain the behaviour of the atoms since the 1970’s - equations which were intentionally simplified for computational speed, at the cost of accuracy.

Introducing high accuracy into modeling gives us and our partners the ability to address the challenges of drug design head-on. A more detailed understanding of how molecules interact, allows for data-driven predictions of the best possible drug design - ultimately leading to fewer drugs failing and more efficacious drugs.