Focus on Accuracy

At HTuO, we believe the best way to improve drugs is to model the interactions between drugs and proteins more accurately. That means investing the time and energy into getting it right - at every step

Where other companies are designing ways to screen compounds faster, we're looking for ways to screen compounds better. To find the right drug, you need to know how to measure that fit accurately - and that's where we stand out. If you want to find the needle in the haystack, you need to be certain that you will recognize the needle when you come across it.

Value of Accuracy

Our platform improves representations of interactions, stemming from our proprietary atomic models and custom force field, enabling high-accuracy modelling, allowing us to simulate many emergent properties of molecules. Instead of searching ever-larger collections of drugs, we focus on finding the drugs that bind the best.

Understanding binding accurately from the start will mean spending less time optimizing candidate molecules, and less money testing them in the lab. It also means we can unlock binding on surfaces that would otherwise be impossible with lower accuracy tools - making it possible to target key proteins that regulate the expression of the proteins you want to control.

Now is the Time

Currently used platforms like AMBER and GROMACS descend from the atomic models that were initially designed in the 1980s, where the physics was over-simplified to run on contemporary computers. With current computer chips boasting well over 100,000x more transistors, we now have the computational power to turn the speed/accuracy tradeoff back towards accuracy.


The demonstration simulation below, run entirely in our prototype software, shows a glimpse of what we're working on. Where most systems are unable to represent changing pH, or break bonds, ours seamlessly bakes it into the core technology.

Our company name is derived from the importance of understanding water, because nearly all things in the realm of biology happen in water solutions. Here, we demonstrate what happens when we simulate an acid and a base in water - and the interactions that take place.


If you're interested in discussing how our technology could work for you, we'd love to hear from you. We are currently looking for partners in a variety of areas, from academic collaborations to partners in validation. Let us know how you could use our technology to make the world a better place at